Background Check

It is hard to write about yourself! First of all its impossible to know how others view you, and I cant exactly be unbiased as we all have this ‘idea’ vision of ourselves. I’ll do my best to let you know what i’m all about! I think honestly thats one reason I started this blog was to figure out who I am for myself as well.

I suppose it’s best to start with the facts. I’m graduating from Miami University with a B.S in Zoology in December.

No, I wont be working at a zoo. No I don’t study Zoo’s as my major.

Zoology (noun): The Scientific study of the behavior, structure, physiology, classification, and distribution of animals.

And no people, i’m not rolling in puppies all day long. My heart belongs to my dog Buckley

I actually was working towards veterinary school so I studied a lot of un-fluffy things like chemistry, physics, biochem, ecology, oceanography, etc. And yet for all the science ,science, YAY science I have been studying – i’ve always been an inherently creative person. Or at least I’ve always told myself that?

Science isn’t all formulas and eye-drooping lectures, it is usually quite fascinating!

mad scientist style

Growing up I would make and edit videos with my younger brother simply for the fun of it! We would shoot and edit films for my dad each fathers day, usually making fun of his many hilarious habits. I could sit in front of the computer cutting and editing footage for literally hours, I absolutely loved it! Photography has also always been a constant passion of mine- after I got myself a big girl camera ( Canon Rebel line) I just couldn’t get enough ( to the dismay of most of my family).

At school I participated lightly in the yearbook photography staff, but besides that I usually took photos for my facebook page and for my own enjoyment. Friends would contact me and ask if they could get portraits done or house photos, and those sessions I loved above all else!


So okay thats great I have a hobby….. a lot of people like to take pictures.

But as my graduation rapidly approaches i’m struggling to understand where to turn next! I did apply to several veterinary schools, all far reaches, and in the waiting period I must pursue a big girl job.

In what!? What can a girl do when she is torn between science and visual media? Riddle me that.

Hopefully i’m on my way to figuring it out.


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