Growing up? Nope, haven’t heard of it.

At 16 you can drive, at 18 you can smoke (or go to prison), at 21 you can drink, until finally at the mature age of 25 you can rent your very own luxury Honda from Enterprise! So when exactly do you grow up? Everyone I meet seems to have a different opinion on the matter. I used to think it was when you went off to college, or maybe it is when you graduate from college; so why do I still feel like such a kid? I’m 22 years old , so by all means I am still a young-adult, on my way to my first job after college and the world of independence! *note. read independence with the knowledge that my parents are still paying for most of my needs, I am not sure what signifies ‘business casual’, and I can’t cook any meal other than pasta.* I’m facing the questions that many individuals my age face,” What is my purpose? What should I do now? How worthless does my bachelors degree feel!?”

Some people know exactly what they want to do after college, others have to simply jump and hope for the best!

My attempt at being stoic, or just trying not fall off the fence.

I created this blog so I could get out all the feelings ( terror, excitement, anxiety, joy, anger, terror again) as I enter the real world and figuring out what my purpose in life is. I’ll be tackling job interviews, panic attacks, bouts of tears , but hopefully also moments of growth and…. you know… growing up.

Messing with my brother


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