Music Monday….er Wednesday.

Music Monday is going to be a regular occurrence, but guess what? I started this blog on a wednesday….. so I’ll treat you!

Each Monday i’ll drop you guys a few tunes, maybe by one artist maybe by a few! Music is what gets a lot of us through the day and i’m constantly searching for new songs. I hope you enjoy what I share , and feel free to comment or give me suggestions.

Alex Clare and His Ginger Beard Of Soul

I’m sure you guys have heard ” Too Close” splattered all over the radio. What a lot of people don’t realize is that Alex Clare is an amazingly talented singer/songwriter!  Bonus? He is british, and we all know somehow that makes him even more appealing. His acoustic stuff, in my opinion, far outshines the radio version wallowing in electronics. I’ll let him make the argument for himself 🙂

His voice reminds me of Ray Lamontagne- relaxing and sultry!

So please check him out, here is another bonus video of some ginger-beard loveliness. This guys got soul.




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