Panera is a place of productivity (in your dreams)

I often convince myself that i’ll come to this magical place, where the fireplace is always roaring and I can have both creamy mac and cheese AND the warm tomato soup; I can have it all. I can sit down and crack open my laptop, pop on some headphones, and sit for hours getting massive amounts of shit done. I’ll look up from my work to glance at the time, ” holy shit two hours have gone by? I’ve finished everything I wanted to!”


home of procrastination!

I often come to Panera with the naive notion i’ll be super duper productive, and it never happens. Reasons why?

  1.   Panera is a place of food consumption. So no, you won’t start your work right away you; will eat lunch, then refill your drink, then decide you actually DO want that pastry item for 99 cents because you deserve a treat. Wow look your 1/2 of internet is already up!
  2. Not all tables are created equal. You settle for a 4-seater in the center of the room but you eye that booth in the corner the whole time. You shift over to a window two seater, hey at least it has an outlet! You look up every half hour seeing if any awesome real estate has opened up next to the fireplace; the grass is always greener in the booth!
  3. You suddenly have ADHD. You open a notebook to start some notes, but facebook has to be checked. Why not check out twitter as well, instagram, the news, back to facebook to post that hilarious article, read a blog, write a blog entry, back to facebook. Wow look at that you haven’t touched your work! This positive feedback loop of procrastination can last up to one hour at least.
  4. You get so sick of sitting around a bunch of families with small children spilling food all over the place you suddenly are disgusted you are even attempting to work here.  Why is that baby screaming? It kinda smells in here? This is no place of learning!

You pack up and head back home. 

You waltz back into your apartment and when your roomie asks if you got good stuff done?

“Hell yea I got tons done! I love doing homework there!”


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