Flawless Human Beings ( Ladies edition )

There are a few rare Hollywood starlets that I refer to as ” flawless human beings”- this honor is never bestowed lightly as each candidate must meet several tough requirements. The ladies must be effortlessly beautiful inside and out. Think of the women that you feel you could actually be friends with, because they seem just as goofy and weird as you! They must exude classiness and kindness in their behavior  ( no drunken crotch shots, no drugz, no bitch talkin). Finally they must be strong and independent ladies who kick ass and take names, what is more flawless than that? These are the woman you want as rolemodels, you want as friends, and frankly sometimes you just want to be them.

Sidenote: Obviously many people will have their own class of flawless ladies, these are simply my personal favorite of the moment. Past flawless ladies could have been the likes of Amy Poehler and Tina Fey… but I’m aiming more towards ladies who are just beginning their journey! Today here are a few of my favorite girl crushes. Breathe in the flawlessness!

1.Emma Stone

Emma is a rare breed of ginger indeed! She came onto the scene quite literally out of no where, completely stealing the show in Superbad. She demands respect as she gained popularity without playing a sexpot or hearthrob, she was just a funny girl! Her dorkiness comes off as purely adorable, and when she dresses it up she is sexy, classy , and endearing. She pulls off the red locks like a pro, even though she is a natural blonde! I want to be her best friend so I can laugh at all her antics and jokes, plus I feel like she would love food just as much as me. Emma? hit me up.

flawless person doing hilarious flawless things with cute boyfriend.

2.Aubrey Plaza

Some of you may not instantly recognize the name , but you cant help but love that face! Aubrey is best known for her role on Parks and Rec as the sarcastic, pessimistic, and hilarious April Ludgate. The hilarious thing is that she isnt just acting… that kinda is her natural personality. She is strange, quirky, and doesn’t care what anyone thinks about her! Defying the hollywood norm while making me laugh? That makes you flawless. She has a few up and coming movie roles that everyone should catch, as her movie Safety Not Guaranteed was as charming as a sleepy puppy!

Damn thats what I call sarcastic/awkward charm.

3.Emma Watson

Do I really need to say anything at all?? I should just post a fucking picture and move on with my life because there are not enough words to express the flawlessness that IS EMMA WATSON. Where do I even begin? She stole my heart through the Harry Potter series as Hermione Granger and then we all suddenly realized she is a darling sweetheart in real life as well? Fuck yea. Things that I love about her include the fact she is down to earth enough to attend Brown University, she dates normal folk like us, and she survived being a childhood actress without become a complete crazy! I think the UK must treat celebs differently because our childhood actors in the US usually end up in the loony bin.

She flew through puberty absolutely FLAWLESSLY, not an awkward phase in sight, and now is blossoming into just the most classy of 20 somethings. She exudes intelligence, class, poise, and just british awesomeness; I think I would just die if I ever got to meet her. I have yet to see Perks of Being a Wallflower, but if emma brings her A game I know she will steal the show! She can do it all; play a wizard, go to college, chop off her hair and own it. I just cant say enough about this flawless brit.

4.Anne Hathaway

Oh lady Anne. How may I count the ways I admire you? For starters she gained popularity through a Disney movie aka The Princess Diaries, but then went on to prove she was more than just a disney starlet; she had real acting chops. Not to hate on Disney, I loved that movie and so do you! I know some people who do not like her… but have no real reasons as to why? So maybe Anne isnt a complete crowd pleaser, but look at some of the things she has done. After her role as Mia Thermopolis she went on to have dramatic roles in Brokeback Mountain, killed it in The Devil Wears Prada, and then became Jane in well Becoming Jane. She has done independent films, voice overs, comedies, drama, and action flicks ( Hello catwoman!?) I think its safe to say she has made a respectable name for herself.

Personally I find her endearing, hilarious , and someone I would love to know personally. She even chopped all her hair off… and continued being awesome. She has hosted SNL twice, and proved herself to not only be able to act…but actually be a hilarious human being aka flawless. Look for in the film adaption of Les Miserables ( she sings live and proves once again she can and will do it all!)

5.Rashida Jones

Rashida is hard to even describe in such a small paragraph , but I will do my utter best. She is best known for her role on Parks and Rec as Ann Perkins, the loyal and lovable nurse. She has also made appearances on The Office, The Social Network, and The Muppets. What makes her flawless? She is a straight up nerd. Big time. She is dorky , lovable, and oh so beautiful you think she is almost too normal to be an actress.

The sad thing is… most people probably wouldn’t recognize her just by her name or face… eventually though it clicks. She not only comes off as lovable and open in her characters; she is that way in real life ( at least from what i’ve read okay). She doesn’t shy away from daring or ‘out there’ roles either! In Our Idiot Brother she played a lesbian who dressed with large glasses and a button down- and I loved it. I hope she can find some roles to allow her to break through to more people, she is one actress I believe truly deserves a big break!

SO there you have it. My top 5 flawless ladies- the mens edition will come soon enough 🙂 Who do you guys consider flawless? Leave some comments and lets debate perfection people.

HONORABLE MENTION ( this was tough and I truly couldnt help but mention her!)

EMILY. FUCKING. BLUNT . quick reasons

1. Married to John Krasinski

2. British Accent

3. Perfect face

4. Hilarious

5. perfect. face. and. accent. I worship her.


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