Music Monday: Kimbra

Everyone not living under a rock has heard the song ” Somebody I used to know” yet very few could tell me just who the heck Kimbra is. Kimbra samples on that song… she is the tantalizing female half to the catchy call and response. Few people realize that she is a complete vocal powerhouse all on her own!

This powerhouse hails from New Zealand where her debut album Vows has reached top 5! Her first single is entitled ” settle down” and from this tune you can see she knows her way around the loop pedal.  Her songs have been featured in the states on Greys Anatomy and even the Sims video games! This woman is making waves with both her voice and fashion sense; someone you should get to know because she is blowing up.

But like any good artists… you dont realize the talent they h0ld until they sing LIVE. Kimbra steps up and delivers. Doesn’t hurt that a member of her band sports a high-top fade 🙂

Have a musical monday everybody 🙂


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